sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

The taste of completeness

The most perfect figure in the world is the circle. There does not exist a better shape with more mathematical properties and results. Put your finger in a point, move it with the same radius according to a centre and form a perfect circunference. Now, try to do the same with your life. Exactly. Why would you like to do it?

We are supposed to walk along during the life, following our steps in order to improve, to move away and to create a better ego in the next stop. But most of times, we realize we've been walking in circles. Too often one confirms that the start point is the same as the finish line. And I'm still trying to figure out if in this case that's a good property, or not.

The circle can also be used as a metaphor of periods of our existence. I call a period of existence a quantity of time when you are focusing in some specific objective: the period of studying in the university, the period of finding a job, the period of being promoted, the period of having children... Ok, these are big goals. There are smaller periods: the period of trying to get fit, the period of following a diet, the period of learning to drive. Every time you achieve something, you close the circle. Too many times, the circle stays open and it's a long twisted line that will stay with you the rest of your life, remembering you with its company that you failed in something, remembering you the frustration.

Sometimes, there are circles that are necessary to close and leave, even if we don't want because we are too confortable in them. That's called the confort area. We'd love to stay there forever and don't rescue our static daily tranquillity, we'd love to keep walking in that circle for a long time and we think that it would be enough. But the truth is that it's not. Humans need to move on, to keep thinking further and wishing much more further. People need to have dreams and look for new periods and circles to draw.

Now, one of my biggest dreams ever has finished. I've made the very last step and I have closed the circle. I know I have to move apart, and to start drawing new ones and also to complete the others that are still open. I know it's gonna be difficult, but that's the point of this art. Because making perfect circles is an art.

Then, why would we like to compare our life to circles? Because cycles need to be started and finished before we get lost in them, because dreams have to be dreamt and goals have to be wished. And then, just then, you can start walking, always for a period of life that can't be eternal, cause there are many more desires and objectives waiting for you.
Let's try to fill our life of perfect circles, as many as possible, let's make it the biggest and most beautiful sphere ever, and then, when we will be staring at the horizon of the way, we will be happy and satisfied, with a long path in our back and an infinite hope in front of us.

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  1. :) Creo que nos movemos en círculos siempre pero sin ver que en realidad nuestra(s) vida(s) son esferas... y tan frágiles como... pompas de jabón. ;)


    1. La comparación con las pompas de jabón es maravillosa :) gracias por leerme y comprenderme, lo bueno es que siempre se puede soplar y soplar y conseguir más pompas!!! Besos! :)