sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013

The magic trousers

They are getting too old, but why should that be a reason for throwing them away?

My magic trousers. I know that you hate them. You've hated them from the first time when I was wearing the pair, but you didn't tell me that time, there was no confidence enough between us. But after time, it grew and you were sincere, even when I didn't ask you for it. I hate them, I don't like at all the colour and the shape on you, you said. But they were too confortable and close-fitting, and I kept using the trousers a lot. That's how they became magic. Because everything happened while I was on them.
They got wet hundred times because of the rain and the snow, they stand me in the bike and with my falls, they celebrated parties and goodbyes, they travelled with me and helped me to reach the top of that castle, they sat on the green grass and got dirty, they were washed in my favourite laundry while I was reading books, they walked and walked on my legs, sometimes even they slept with me. And overall, they were there that night of the delirium, and the trousers took something from the train station and from all those magic days, and that's why now they represent that confort, that perfect happiness, that calm that the combination of all those circunstances gave me.

It might sound stupid, clothes are not that important, but now everytime I see them in the closet I remember those adventures on them, and I imagine your disgusted face saying, oh no, come on!, not again those trousers, you have hundred more! And I smile and put my nostalgic face like if I'm again on that brigde.

But now they are getting too old, eroded and used. And I resist to stop using them, they remain me so good memories, and I feel so safe and confident about me when I'm wearing my magic trousers, that I think I will use them forever. There are some things that one just can't live without, and I feel that if I abandon them in the wardrobe, I will be also leaving something else behind. And I have already left too much.

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